Glou + Glick

Pastries - Whatever Glick’s baking today MP

Mixed Olives - Lemon, Garlic, Herbs $5

Hummus - Roasted Mushrooms, Cumin $8

Cup of Soup - Ask away $6

Panini Sammiches $10

Served with Arugula salad, Dijon Viniagrette

Chicken Liver Pate, Spicy Cucumber

Sardine, Chickpea, Pickled Red Onion

Bacon Onion Jam, Brie, Grainy Mustard

Manchego, Roasted Garlic, Fig Jam

Burrata, Tomato, Almond Pesto

Vegetables $10

Brussels Sprouts  - Herb Aioli, Toasted Sesame, Bonito Flakes

Beet Salad - Endive, Toasted Almonds, Goat Cheese Dressing

Arugula Salad - Tomatoes, Grana Padano, Dijon Vin

Bigger Bites

Quiche of the Day - Arugula salad, Dijon Viniagrette $12

Broccoli Grain Bowl - Almond Pesto, Farro, Grana Padano $12

Mac and Cheese - Elbows, Bechamel, American Cheddar, Bread Crumbs $14

Polpo e Ceci - Octopus, Chickpeas, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion $15

Meatballs - Beef and Pork, Marinara, Burrata, Grana Padano, Garlic Bread $18


Coffee - Accidentally serving Lavazza Dark Roast $1

San Pellegrino - Water, Orange, Grapefruit $2.50

Naturalish Wine end times bb


No es Pituko - Chilean Viognier, Citrus zest, gin & tonic, poppy fizz, floral and bright.   6/gl    20 

Milan Nestarec  ‘Běl’ Czech Gruner blend, Green fruit, round, a titch funky in a liter bottle 28 1L

Amorro Blanco Cadiz - Palamino Fino Oxidized, green tea and just enough stink    25 


Vino Naranja Chilean Moscatel - Grapefruit, green pineapple, lil eggy, herb salad        8/gl 25

Vegas Altas Southern Spain - Vanilla apricots, tinned fruit, waxy, rounder, nuttier 25


Petit Cochon Bronzé  Provoncish - Syrah Cinsault, Watermelon, white pepper, fig flesh  6/gl 20


Caicque Maravilla ‘Pipeño’ Chilean Pais  Brambled pink peppercorns, tart tobacco         7/gl    25 1L

Hurluberlu  Amphora Cab Franc - Juicy pomegranate dryer sheets, chill it bb 30

Athlétes du Vin Grolleau Funky musty medium bodied, chocolate covered cherries 23

Anthony Thevenet  Chenas Gamay Cinnamon gunpowder, black cherry incense 30

Mariano Utiel-Requena Bobal, Syrah, Garnacha Sour purple, lacto chorizo, vino vivo 28

La Palazzetta Montalcino Sangiovese Tart tannins, sour cherries, light but grippy 23

Plus more in the house.. 


Kronenbourg ‘1664’  Strasbourg, France 5.5% 2 

Threes Brewing ‘Vliet’ Pilsner, Brooklyn NY, 5.1% 4

Bunker ‘Salad Daze’ Dry Hopped Lager, Portland, ME 4.7% 4

Schlenkerla ‘Helles Lagerbier’ Bamberg, Germany 4.3% 4

Orono Brewing “Tubular” IPA, Orono ME 7.2% 5

Modern Times “Mythic Worlds” San Diego CA, 7.5% 5

Threes Brewing ‘Tyranny of Mirrors’ Pale Ale, Brooklyn NY, 5.5% 5

Aval Cider  Bretagne, France 6.0% 4