Small Plates 
Marinated OlivesRosemary, Citrus, Garlic8
Queso ManchegoCandied Almonds8
EscargotParsley Butter, Grilled Bread10
Wild MushroomsHummus, Toast10
Garlic BreadDanish Blue, Tomato Fig Jam11
Sardine ToastGarbonzo, PIckled Red Onion13
Brussels SproutsHerb Aioli, Toasted Sesame, Shaved Bonito12
Endive SaladRoot Veg, Danish Blue, Almonds
Lamb TerrineChicken Liver, Bacon, Fig Jam, Mustard15
Roasted Broccoli Farro, Almond Pesto, Parmesan 14
OctopusCharred Eggplant, Zatar Potato, Caper Berry15
MeatballsBeef and Pork, Burrata, Marinara, Parmesan16

Naturalish Wine by the glass


Varichon & Clerc ‘Privilége’ Blanc de Blancs NV Sustainable 11/42

Vin de Savoie - Crisp sparkling, orange peel, round, Georgia wedding


Domaine de la Rosiere 2017 Sustainable 11/42

Jongieux- Apple blossoms, canned fruit salad, winter zing. Shorty’s new jam

Marco Cecchini ‘Tove 1867’ 2012 Sustainable 10/38

Colli Orientali del Friuli - Golden hazelnuts, Poire Williams, silken cider

La Grange Tiphaine ‘Trinqu’ames’ 2017 Natural 12/46

Vin du France - Green grass, lemon alum, white chalk, Ruby Red Grapefruit pith

Marc Pesnot ‘La Bohème’ 2016 Natural 13/50

Vin du France - Sur lees declassified Muscadet, brûléed grapefruit, hamster cage 


Jean-Maurice Raffault 2017 Organic 11/42

Chinon - Expressive pomegranate, glycerical yogurt, strawberry pie


Agostino Pavia & Figli 2017 Sustainable 10/38

Grignolino d’Asti - Cranberry red, white pepper, Kool-Aid, grippy seed tannins

Domaine A. Pegaz 2016 Organic 12/46

Brouilly  - Herbal ashy blackberry, cigarette paper, zippy lingering minerals

Petit Canet 2016 Organic 11/42

Pays D’oc - Gritty dark mocha. Starbucks plum peppercorns. Mineral meets animal


Fabien Jouves ‘Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirees’ 2018 Biodynamic 13/50

Vin du France - Illegal varietals, snarky label, black dirty concrete Malbec funk

Flavio Fanti ‘La Palazzetta’  2016 Organic 11/42

Toscana  - Sour bramble, dirty cocoa nibs, unfiltered electric blanket 

Domaine Gentile  2015   Biodynamic 14/54 

Patrimonio - Salt air tang, bottom of the bodem, boozy plum, taut and keen

Reserve Wines - Winter 2019 

Azienda Agricola Gradizzolo ‘Le Anfore’ 2015 - Emilia 60 

Pignoletto - Amphora aged with an intoxicating orange color, beautiful herbal zing. 

Southhold ‘Don’t Forget To Soar’  2017 -  Texas High Plains 55 

Roussanne, Albariño - Pigeage à pied, natural fermentation. Oily pineapple resins.

Longarico ‘Nostrale’  2017 - Terre Siciliane  55 

Cattarato - Briney, floral, honeyed spice. Seven months sur lie in steel. Natural.  

Alfredo Maestro ‘Sobrecasa’ 2015 - Castilla y Leon 50

Tempranillo, Garnacha, Moscatel, Verdejo - Dark, brandied Rose. 18 months in Chestnut.

Populis ‘Reversée’ 2017 - Mendocino County 52

Carignan - Dry farmed, reverse saignée, crisp, light and snappy. Chilled (out) 

Les Arabesques ‘Ocarina’ 2016 - Languedoc-Roussillon 62 

Syrah, Grenache, Carignan - Pale shy juicy cherry gripping light lively. No commas. 

Southhold ‘Weight Of The Moment’  2016 -  North Fork  52 

Teroldego - Tart tobacco leaf, heaping greenosity, fresh fruit. Grown in NY, made in TX 

Domaine Gentile  2015 -  Patrimonio-Corsica 58 

Niellucio - Salt air tang,  dark Bodum coffee, unfiltered, gorgeous acidity, taut and keen.

Brezza ‘Vigna Santa Rosalia’  2016 -  Barbera D’Alba 55 

Barbera - Elegant roses, single vineyard old vines. Bio Alba with a lingering elegant grit. 

Le P’tit Paysan 2016 - Central Coast 55

Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot - Deep cassis, black pepper, spicy ginger heat. No oak

Domaine du Mortier ‘Sables’ 2017 - Saint Nicolas de Bourgeuil 52

Cabernet Franc - Bell pepper crudité, myrrh, spiced chocolate, sand storm

Domaine Bordes ‘No Limit’ 2017 - Vin de France 65

Carignan - Amphora aged, dark, deep rocky mineral core. Texture for miles.

Laurence et Rémi Dufaitre 2017 - Côte de Brouilly 70

Gamay - Carbonic Fermentation. Thin rocky soils convey intensity and power. 

Pablo Matallana ‘La Bardona’ 2016 - Tenerife  65

Listan Negro - Bright expressive, brine of black olives, wisps of volcanic smoke.