Small Plates 
Marinated OlivesRosemary, Citrus, Garlic6
EscargotParsley Butter, Grilled Bread8
Wild MushroomsHummus, Toast10
Ceaser WedgeCrispy Capers, Parmesan10
Sardine ToastGarbonzo, PIckled Red Onion12
Quiche du JourMixed Greens
Lamb TerrineChicken Liver, Bacon, Fig Jam, Mustard14
Roasted BroccoliToasted Farro, Almond Pesto14
OctopusCharred Eggplant, Zatar Breadcrumbs, Caper Berry14
MeatballsBeef and Pork, Burrata, Marinara, Parmesan16
Reserve Wines - Don't get too serious Jack!

Azienda Agricola Gradizzolo ‘Le Anfore’ 2015 - Emilia $70 

Red clay soils and surrounding marl impart the white Pignoletto grape (also called Grechetto Gentile, but you knew that) with soft pillowy-acidity, and edge of almond bitterness. This wine is aged up to 90 days on the skin in beeswax lined 500L amphora made from the same red clay from the property.  The amphora gives the wine an intoxicating orange color, and beautiful herbal flavors. The wine is not clarified, or filtered, and only natural decantation.

Southhold ‘Don’t Forget To Soar’  2017 - Texas High Plains $55 

Recently relocated from the North Fork of Long Island, back to Gillespie County where they produce natural wines without ‘fanatical dogma’, letting vintages speak for themselves.

Pigeage à pied, natural fermentations, raised in concrete. Natural methods, with Texan panache. 

Roussanne and a splash of Albariño (which makes NO SENSE) combine with a glyceral thickness, Oily pineapple resins. Melon patch with a salt rim. 11.32% ABV (MORE INSANITY) 25ppm SO2 at bottling.

Their website says “Chill it, just don’t get it Coors Light cold”

Domaine Jousset ‘Exile’  2017 - Vin de France  $60 

Lise and Bertrand Jousset make this Rose Petillant from organically grown Gamay using natural yeasts. Fermented in large neutral barrels until 15g/L sugar remains and then bottled in the winter, let sit until early summer when its disgorged. 

Soft natural fizz, bright cherry fruit. Zingy and lively. The CO2 keeps the wine fresh and protects it, allowing them to avoid adding sulphur at any stage.

Les Arabesques ‘Ocarina’ 2016 - Languedoc-Roussillon $62 

Saskia Van Der Horst farms four hectares without chemicals, growng Syrah, Grenache, and Carignan, naturally with very low sulphur added at bottling. 

Its not red, it’s pink. But not rosé. Pale shy juicy cherry gripping pink wine. Fresh, alive,attacking and full of character. Made and bottled and imported and sold with love, and to be marveled over and enjoyed, not dissected and categorized.

Jean-Michel Gaunoux & Fils ‘Pinot Fin’ 2016 - Bourgogne Rouge $75

Pinot Fin is an original clone of the highly mutated “Pinot” family, producing a small amount of tiny, dark berries, that make a deep intense wine. Classy, rich Burgundy.

MInimal new oak, bottled unfined or filtered after 16 months. No stirring of lees avoids premature oxidization, and reduces the required sulphur by half. 

Grown without pesticides or herbicides, limited plowing, practicing green harvesting to ensure low yields. 80 year old vines, that quite possibly are on their last vintage.

Pablo Matallana ‘La Bardona’ 2016 - Tenerife  $70

Volcanic soils, mixed with red clay, and ‘pie franco’ vines on ungrafted rootstock. (the scourge of Phylloxera didn’t spread in such acidic soils)

The wines are made in a tiny garage in the even tinier town of La Esperanza. La Bardona sings, bright and expressive, well balanced with a brine of black olives, and wisps of volcanic smoke. While red wines from Los Canarias can be oppressively dark and extracted, gentle and deliberate winemaking techniques bring out the subtlety.